Why You Should Take Your Date Bowling Tonight

Bowling Date Night
Bowling Date Night

We know, planning the perfect date night is hard, it takes careful planning, and preparation. What if there was a place you could take your date that had everything you needed for the perfect night out in one spot? I know it sounds like finding a unicorn but let me explain why your next night out should be at your local bowling center.

  1. Weather – Rain or shine, sweltering heat or bone-chilling cold doesn’t put a damper on your plans. Bowling has air conditioning and is indoors. So your plans will never get ruined by mother nature.
  2. The Food – Piles of fries, mouth watering burgers, or just a few slices of pizza. You get your entertainment and food all at the same time.
  3. Price – Maybe a fancy dinner just isn’t in the cards, maybe you don’t want to spend all that money just to get to know someone, and that’s OK. Check out the specials during off times, and in the summer and grab a great deal on a night out.
  4. PDA – Everyone gets excited when they bowl a strike, who gets a hug or a celebration high five when they do? You do of course!
  5. Personality – If this is one of your first dates (or your FIRST date) you can really get to know someone through bowling. You can see how competitive they are, or even how they react when trying something new.
  6. The View – When your date is up to bowl what are you looking at? Its OK we won’t tell…
  7. Over 21? – If your of age most bowling centers have a bar. Bowling and beer usually go hand in hand.
  8. It’s BOWLING! How can you go wrong!
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