Kids 10×10 Have a Ball

kids 10x10 league

Do you want to have your child join a sport where they play every game every week? When you join a bowling club no child rides the bench EVER! Each and every child participates and plays every game! It’s also a great way to meet new friends their own age, learn teamwork, and sportsmanship. Are you ready to hear the best part?

You get a FREE bowling ball!

That’s right at the end of the short program every child gets their very own custom fit bowling ball in their favorite color to keep! This is a short 10 week program for just $10/week. Kids bowl 2 games, including shoes, and get certified coaching during the program. It’s a great way to introduce them to the sport of bowling. Just sign up using the easy form below and we’ll add your child to a team.

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Berks Lanes will be closed to the public Monday August 2nd-Wednesday Aug. 4th for maintenance and upgrades due to ownership change. Leagues will be bowling at their normal schedule times for those days except Monday Morning Seniors. They are cancelled. Facebook

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