Fundraising at Berks Lanes

Berks Lanes puts the Fun In Fundraising

Over the years we have helped many local organizations raise money with GREAT success. This past year we have hosted Mary’s Shelter, Bowl For Kids Sake, Community Evangelical Church, a private Breast Cancer Fundraiser, MDA Bowl-a-Thon, and Junior Achievement.

Why Partner With Berks Lanes For Your Next Fundraiser!

  • Bowling is fun for the whole family
  • Bowling is an event everyone can participate in
  • Our center can hold up to 300 people during one 3 hour event
  • You can rent the entire facility or just part of it
  • When the lanes are off, the center becomes a theater for a variety of shows, comics, entertainers, dancers, etc
  • Weather is NOT a factor. Rain or shine, you can still hold your fundraiser
  • Plenty of parking
  • We have amenties other facilities can’t offer to ensure  your group has a great time
  • Our amazing staff will help you every step of the way
  • We’re ready to help you make money, are you?

Amenities We Have to Offer

If you require something that isn’t listed please ask! We will be happy to try and accommodate you.

Suggested Fundraising Formats

The following is a suggest format that may help to organize an event by assigning various duties to Lane Leaders. Lane Leaders are the most important Movers & Shakers, as they are responsible for generating the monetary goals for the organization.

  1. Corporate Lane Sponsor: Their contribution of a tax-deductible discretionary amount of $500 allows them to send 6 of their guests (owners, spouses, friends, relatives, children, employees, customers) to the event and they will have a lane. They can let anyone bowl they choose during the party. Bowling and shoes are included along with a lane sign furnished by the sponsor that the center will hang over the lane they purchased (possible 2 weeks before or after the party for advertising benefits – must be cleared by center manager).
  2. Partial Lane Sponsor: for those companies that can’t afford to pay $500, they can contribute a tax-deductible $200 which allows 2 people to come and bowl as well as a sigh with the company name as described above for the Corporate Lane Sponsor. In this way, one lane can have up to 3 sponsors, making the lane account for $600 in revenue. In this example there are 6 people bowling on the lane and a sign over the lane with 3 companies on the sign.
  3. Captain & Crew: for those lanes that cannot be purchased by a goup or company, the Lane Leader must find a “Captain” to obtain a minimum of $100 in pledges before the event and get up to 5 other bowlers for his “Crew” that will do the same thing! In this way, the lane should generate a minimum of $600 in revenue.
  4. Bowl-A-Thon: Bowlers will bowl 2 games each and ask their friends, relatives, and co-workers for a minimum of $5 to pledge per game. If the person gives a minimum pledge of $__ the bowler can then give that person an event ticket that would be good for all non-bowling activities planned. The price of a non-bowling ticket must take into account the food, beverages, and door prizes these people will consume. It may be wise to consider selling non-bowling tickets for $20 each. This will be up to the group. A certain number of comp tickets may be given away by the committee to those who helped or donated prizes exceeding a certain value.

Ideas to Increase Revenue at Your Event!

Fundraising Events
  • Lane Sponsors
  • Hold a Bake Sale
  • Silent Auction
  • 50/50 Tickets
  • White Elephant Sale
  • Face Painting Artist
  • Clowns to Entertain Crowd
  • Sell Individual Tickets to the Event
  • Pledge Sheets or Pin Pledges

Excited about a Fundraiser with Berks Lanes?

Contact us using the form below and one of our event coordinators will be in touch with you shortly with more information.

Berks Lanes will be closed to the public Monday August 2nd-Wednesday Aug. 4th for maintenance and upgrades due to ownership change. Leagues will be bowling at their normal schedule times for those days except Monday Morning Seniors. They are cancelled. Facebook

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